{Katie’s Baby Blog} Terrible Twos?!

Lily is getting increasingly rambunctious…lol.

Are the “terrible twos”, starting a month early!? Why can’t it wait to start until after she ACTUALLY turns two?! My sweet little baby that only sometimes got into stuff is now into EVERYTHING. I’m talking about double the amount she was. Have you seen the video of the toddler cooking with his grandma? Yes…that’s her. She would do the exact same thing….maybe I should re-make that video haha.

I’m having to hide and put everything up lately. Thing that she may have never noticed before, now she wants to get down and get into.

AND get this…this girl is SO SMART…she knows how to open all of the child safety locks. I swear she watches us one time and then she can do whatever we just did.

I made the mistake of putting the snack drawer down low. Now every time I turn around in the kitchen she either has the box of goldfish out or her little hand in a bag of M&M’s.

Also…do they ever stop and slow down and just snuggle with you on the couch anymore? She literally loves to just run circles around the room and chase Zoey until they’re both ready for bed. I just sit and watch at this point. I’m too exhausted to try and get her to sit still for a minute. Hey…at least she’s tired by bedtime!


<3 Katie Ryan