Tour de Frederick #3: 26.5 Miles and $600

What a bananas update! Yesterday was a great day for finally biking for over an hour and getting a steady flow of donations. My endurance isn’t what it used to be! I think this could be my personal best day of the week. I am planning to do somewhere between 6 to 8 miles tonight.

Day 1: Kick-Off – Zero Miles (0)
Day 2: Sunday Fun Day – 6.5 Miles (6.5)
Day 3: Earned a Burrito – 7 Miles (13.5)
Day 4: Pizza Night – 13 Miles (26.5)

73.4 Miles to go!

I had half a pizza after the ride…undoing any good from the ride.

Fun fact! The Goat Yoga people donated to the cause. I miss them so much and it is amazing that they reach out! Don’t know goat yoga? Check this out from 2017!

Goat Yoga!

Made a highlight video from my latest adventure! Got to spend a wonderful Sunday morning checking out Goat Yoga at Emma's Daisyhill Farm with Janice Ingson Yoga! It was so much fun. Check it out. Pygmy goats are too cute. btw Molly from the farm is an animal acupuncturist! I am going to be interviewing her about that soon!I am always looking for a new adventure! Email with your leads and ideas!

Posted by Patrick Hanes on 99.9 WFRE on Monday, May 22, 2017