{Katie’s Baby Blog} Summer Fun

It’s almost July!!! We’ve been so busy already this summer and I feel like it has just begun!

We’ve been to the beach once and it was fun…kind of…Lily HATED the sand! Like HATED it…she clung to me like a koala bear the entire time we were at the beach. So I’m praying that she is over that before our vacation in July!

Other than that, we have been outside pretty much everyday, playing in the yard and hanging out on the deck eating popsicles, going for walks, and going to my pool at my parent’s house as much as we can!

We also had the best day at the petting farm in Urbana. It was soooo cute and it was a great way to do something fun with the kids (and be socially distant). Lily LOVED petting the animals, especially the sheep and goats, turtles, and “piggies”. She was afraid of the baby chicks, the cows and the horses so we just stayed back and looked at them from a far, but it was really fun.

Oh, and if you can’t tell by that bottom photo…she’s the boss 😉

We love it so much though!!