TBT – McClintock Distilling Video from 3 years ago!

McClintock Distilling Interview

McClintock Distilling went on Frederick 4 Less sale while I was up in Maine so I missed out on my chance to get a tour with the other DJs. There are still 25 deals left on our site and you really need to buy them now!http://ccfmd.incentrev.com/deal/frederick/mcclintock-distilling-1We got a chance to chat with Braeden Bumpers from McClintock Distilling about their process, the best way to drink gin and biking with the Tour de Frederick! While I got lost in the art of distilling. Laura got the skinny on their awesome venue. Check them out! They are rad.

Posted by Patrick Hanes on 99.9 WFRE on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

McClintock Distilling is our current Super Star Essential Business!!! I did a quick video interview with them 3 years ago along with Late Nite Laura. I bet most of this is still true. THERE IS SO MUCH ECHO IN THIS VIDEO.

Don’t miss them on the Summer Clearance Sale next week – https://xcmmd.neofillbids.com//browse.php?id=66567