{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily is 18 Months Old!

18 Months is a BIG half birthday! Celebrating my baby halfway to two years old is a crazy thought!

Time really does fly…the days are long and the years SO short.

So, i’ll tell you about Lily at 18 months… she talks non-stop! She’s a big talker! I’m thinking it might have something to do with her Mom talking for a living…just a guess 😉

She repeats everything we say. She understands what we’re saying and she can pretty much tell me what she wants and when.

At her 18 Month doctor appointment on Monday, the doctor said he was “very impressed” with her speaking! Yay!

She is running, which means my husband and I are running FASTER just to keep up with her. Her favorite thing to do is “go outside” and run around our house, climb the big hills and find the “tractors.” She is obsessed with tractors or lawn mowers. She is so funny…I think we made a big deal about my husband mowing the lawn one day and watching him, so now she loves watching all of our neighbors mow their lawns, too (they probably wonder why we’re watching them, but oh well!).

Also…if you can’t tell from the pictures I post on my Instagram or Facebook, she is tall!!! This girl has LONG legs and is growing out of her clothes so fast! Speaking of clothes…she is also a serious shoe lover (also probably gets that from me….oops!!), we have to try on each pair of her shoes everyday. She even likes to put on her snow boots and walk around the house in them!

She is the sweetest baby in the whole world, too. She gives out kisses all day long and tells us “I love you, Mama or Daddy!”

I just can’t get enough of her!!! <3