{Katie’s Baby Blog} Mother’s Day

It was my second Mother’s Day this year and it was just as special as my first.

This year my little girl is almost a year and a half and is so busy, talking and running around, playing in the yard and the best part…she tells me “I love you, Mama” all of the time.

My favorite words in the whole world from my favorite little girl <3

We spent the day playing outside- she loves to play on the Step 2 Roller coaster and ride the car down the hill. She also loves throwing balls and then running after them and riding around in little cars.

Looking back at the picture of her last year on Mother’s Day being so little, it made me excited for the future…knowing how much she has changed in a year, how much she has grown and even a new little thing like hearing her saying “I love you” is so special. I can’t wait for more!

We filled our bellies with delicious snacks and food and then Lily took a loooong nap, so during that nap, Mom had a cocktail 😉

I had the best Mother’s Day…relaxing and spending the day with family and my sweet girl.