Have an online game night!

The highlight of my birthday weekend was getting to play a game night (well afternoon it was like 3 PM) with my family. This was my sister’s idea. She had played a jackbox party game using zoom with her friends. It was a ton fun and our parent didn’t have trouble being part of the action!

NOTE: Make sure to share your PC audio if you are screen sharing the game!

Jackbox has a guide for doing this! https://www.jackboxgames.com/how-to-play-jackbox-games-with-friends-and-family-remotely/

The games aren’t free, but I already had them for in person parties. Remember when those were a thing…

You can also play card games on the site http://playingcards.io/

They have all the classics and an off brand version of Cards Against Humanity.They also have online checkers. Get hyped.

Speaking of Cards Against Humanity. They created a family friendly version that you can print out for free! https://www.cardsagainsthumanityfamilyedition.com/

Go have some fun! Let me know what you are playing! I am always looking for something new.