{Katie’s Baby Blog} How We’re Social Distancing and Still Having Fun!

It’s easy to get bored or aggravated when you can’t go see family, friends or do anything fun that you have had planned for months.

BUT….having to stay home and canceling plans and getting to spend more time with my family has been a major blessing!

Trying to keep a 16 month old busy when you can’t go anywhere and when it’s been raining most days, keeping us indoors….does have it’s challenges, though! So we’ve tried a lot of new fun things to get us through.

Here’s what Lily has been up to as we’re all stuck at home 🙂 Scroll down to see our little home adventures…

Lily tried her first S’more….or s’mores…we made a lot at our campfire in our backyard!



Speaking of eating a lot…Lily has been VERY interested in my cooking and wanting to help..or rather taste test everything that comes out of the oven!






This girl…..yes, still eating…she broke into our snack drawer and found all of the goldfish. She’s obsessed with them, if you can’t tell!







We tried finger painting (and drawing with crayons) for the first time!! It was a LOT of fun for the first 10 minutes and then she wanted to throw the paper on the ground and touch Zoey (our dog) with her purple painted hands…yes Zoey ended up with a pretty purple streak on her head. It’s also partially Zoey’s fault…she had to sit on my lap while Lily painted..they love each other so much!





We also LOVE going on nature walks! Lily loves picking up sticks and this is a picture of the first “flower” that she picked!








BUT her favorite thing above everything else is reading books! We sit down and read books throughout the day, whenever she just feels like chillen’ and sitting in her big cozy rocking chair in her bedroom. Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon 🙂


<3 Katie Ryan