{Katie’s Baby Blog} Fun with a 15 Month Old!

We have officially made the transition into toddler mode. Lily’s expressions and new emotions that she is expressing are way different than my sweet little baby that I had a few months ago.

She is still my sweet girl, don’t get me wrong! But, the first time she threw herself on the ground over something that she didn’t get her way on…I knew we were in for it now. It’s actually kind of funny/cute when she gets mad, but you can’t laugh. S

he’s just like any normal toddler…throwing a tantrum or little things like not wanting to get in the bath tub…or not wanting to get out once she is in. Or not wanting to stay next to us at church and then letting out a loud scream. The newest thing that she has learned how to do is throw her arms straight up so that she can slip out of my hands when I try to pick her up and she doesn’t want to…she may have almost got me the first time, but i’m always ready for it now!

Also…it is so hard to feed a toddler! All she wants to do is use her fork or spoon herself, which always ends up with her covered in yogurt or food all over everything. It’s great practice, though!

She is also getting super picky with what she wants to eat- one minute she loves scrambled eggs, the next shes spitting them out. Chicken nuggets are GOLD though… she will eat them anytime! Nuggets, cheese, pancakes, fruit, goldfish and any other kind of snack is what she loves right now. OH! and….anything that is on our plates. I could give her the same dinner that Tim and I are having and she will throw it all on the floor for the dog, but if it comes off of our plate, she says “num num” and will eat it all up! Toddlers are so funny…. 😉

but…look how cute she is!!! How can you be mad at that sweet face.

Okay, she gets whatever she wants!!

<3 Katie Ryan