{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily’s Favorite Toys!

I have a little climber!

Finding new toys for kids can be hard when they get Christmas presents and birthday presents and random gifts in between. I have heard of people asking family and friends to not give toys to their child because they have so many already. Maybe a bigger gift that more than one person can go in on would be an idea (if you’re looking for one that is…)

We can acquire so much “stuff” so quickly and then sometimes they don’t ever use it! So far, as a new-ish Mom, I have found that Lily loves the toys that are very interactive and are a learning experience for her.

She absolutely loves the kids soft zone climbing equipment mats. These are so great for climbing, sliding and crawling around on. Lily got these for her birthday from her grandparents, but they are on Amazon with so many different price options. Now, she wants to try to climb on EVERYTHING that she can- chairs, stools, boxes, the couch, the dog…me…

She also loves her books! We have a cute doll house that I have used as her bookshelf in the playroom and put different books where the “rooms” are.  Most of the books she has, I have received second hand from family and friends. She will sit for a long time and just look at the pages and make sweet little babble noises talking to herself, but my favorite is when she wants to sit on my lap and let me read them to her 😉

And…her kitchen!! She loves to pretend to bring me a drink or plate and pretend to eat or drink something, or take it over to her little table and sit down with it like a big girl!

I love to see her imagination already so big!

<3 Katie Ryan