{Katie’s Baby Blog} Life with a 14 Month Old!

THIS is my favorite age! Yes, it’s busy and yes we are still tired at times, but we are also having so much fun with Lily right now.

At 14 months old she is running around the house, talking SO MUCH! She has a lot to say and although some of it is baby babble, she is also has a great vocabulary list that she says clearly.

She loves to say “Mama”, which has recently turned into “Mommy”, and Dada, and walks around saying

her grandparents names- Mimi, Pops and Poppy and sometimes she will say Nani; but after going to daycare (at my mom’s house) she has started to call her what all of the other kids call her, “Bethy” (it sounds more like Beppy) haha. So we’re working on that 😉 She also says, “doggie”, “good girl”, “all done”, “all gone”, “here ya go”, “basketball (bahball)”, “baby”, “coco” (my parent’s dogs name) and a few others! She pretty much tries to copy everything were saying now, so….we really need to watch what we say!!

She is also picking up on things we do…she likes to “clean.” She will take her wipes or a paper towel and pretend to wipe the counters. She will help me put her clothes away from the laundry and she likes to try to put her socks and shoes on herself and on Tim and I. She loves to brush her hair and sit and read her books and play with toys all day. She also loves to carry around

her babydolls and hold and give them kisses and says “awww.” This girl also loves her “paci”, as you can tell from the pictures.

She’s getting so big so fast and has such a funny, happy little personality! Everyday is something new and as much as I miss carrying her around and holding her when she was a little baby, it’s so much more fun to see her running around and the best part is when she comes over to me and gives me a big hug and kiss.

<3 Katie Ryan