{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily Met Santa…and Hated Him

Not surprising at all that a one year old was afraid of Santa. We tried to make it as easy for her as we could. “Santa” showed up at my parents house, a place that she is at a lot.

We all said “hi” to Santa and tried to show her that he was nice, but when it got to the time to sit on his lap….she said “NOPE!”

Her shirt even said “Team Santa”…she was not.

We tried! Santa even gave her a lollipop….which, she gladly accepted and ate…but was not trying to hangout with Santa after that haha!

Poor Lily was just not happy….but I still think the pictures are cute 😉

Peep the picture to the left!  << That’s Lily right after we sat her on Santa’s lap.

Below is the picture of her after she got a lollipop and BEFORE she started crying again.

I think Santa is coming to her daycare Christmas party later today, too….yay.

<3 Happy Holidays!!!

Katie Ryan