{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily Turns 1!

Turning one is a big deal! Not just for our little ones, but for the parents, too!


That was a cause for celebration in our household. So we did on Saturday, two days before her actual birthday. We invited our family and close friends and threw Lily the girliest pink and gold bash ever. We did a charcuterie board for appetizers and then had a taco/nacho bar for dinner. Dessert was cupcakes, cookies and a beautiful “smash cake” for Lily.

I’m not sure that Lily knew exactly what was going on at her house on Saturday, but she wore her special birthday dress with a pink bow in her hair and played with her cousins all afternoon.

When it came time for cake I put her in her highchair and we all sang Happy Birthday to her…she looked a little confused, but she went ahead and scooped a big chunk of icing off of the top of her cake anyway and put it in her mouth and said “Mmm Num Num.”  She only says that if she really likes something!

She didn’t eat too much of the cake, she just licked a lot of the icing off!

After dinner we opened presents and she played with her new toys until bedtime!  It was such a fun day.

On her actual birthday, Monday, November 18th, my husband and I gave her the rest of her cake (which Tim and I ended up eating the rest of) and sang to her again and then played in her playroom all afternoon.

At the end of the day, after she went to bed, Tim and I sat and looked at all of the pictures and videos of Lily that we had saved and it was a little emotional for me.

My baby is one!!! It went THAT fast….in the blink of an eye. One year has past and it blows my mind how much she has grown. She’s officially walking, talking and copying almost everything we say and do. Knows some animal sounds and is smart in so many other ways. She has a ton of hair! Almost 4 teeth, and weighs 20 lbs.

My little baby that weighed 7 lbs 5 oz one year ago…is a toddler now and it happened so fast. All of the nights we didn’t sleep, all of the exhaustion throughout the long days of working and taking care of her, and all of the fun that we had over the past year have been the best moments of my life. I wouldn’t trade it all for the world!

<3 Katie Ryan