{Katie’s Baby Blog} Pumpkin Fun!

Our first pumpkin patch trip with Lily was definitely something that I’ve been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant. Since she is November baby, we had to wait almost a year for fun fall events!

I know…it’s kind of ridiculous to be so excited for something like that, but doing memorable things with your baby is one of my favorite parts about being a Mom.

We had a lot of fun at the Pumpkin Patch! We went on the tractor ride and she loved it.  Then, walked through the pumpkin patch and sat her down in the middle of the pumpkins and she loved climbing on the pumpkins. We took pictures, and then picked a pretty little white pumpkin.

Of course, we went last Saturday…so one of the most popular days in October to be there. We wanted to do the entire experience with the slides, farm animals and other kid things, but with an 11 month old, after going on the tractor ride and walking through the patch, then waiting in a 30 minute line to buy the pumpkins we picked…we

decided that was enough. I think she is a little too young to do most of the other things that were available anyway; and we were all tired by that point.

I can’t wait until Halloween to dress her up and push her around the neighborhood!!