{Katie’s Baby Blog} 10 Month Milestones

My sweet little baby is soaking up new things like a sponge. It amazing how at almost 11 months old, she has suddenly become a toddler and not my little baby anymore.

We have mastered “uh oh” and now it has become a game. Ill hand her something and she will hold it out, drop it… and then look at me and say “uh oh!”

She is all over the place; and my back is just about shot picking her up all day and putting her back down. 20 lbs…is heavier than you think! I’m just waiting for her to take her first step…it’s hard. Good thing is she loves anything interactive. So, I can always put her in her walker, the swing, her little car that I push outside, or her sit-to-stand v-tech toy

Teeth are coming in…slowly. Still only two bottom teeth so we still feed her “softer” foods since shes pretty much gumming everything. She loves bananas, butternut squash, and pasta!

We also had a fun event last weekend, Lily’s cousin Libby’s first birthday! My sister-in-law and I were pregnant together expecting a few weeks apart, so we were excited to celebrate by niece, but it also means that Lily’s first birthday is next!

Time to plan….

<3 Katie Ryan