{Katie’s Baby Blog} 10 Months Old and Teething

Finally….we have two teeth!! We have been waiting patiently for Lily to get her first tooth and within two weeks she has two popping up at 10 months old.

So far, teething hasn’t been as bad as I hear it can be, but I can tell it’s still very uncomfortable for her. Pretty normal with a slight fever here and there, very messy diapers, a lot of chewing and drool and a little whining.

Other than that, she is a happy baby girl!

Growing and getting bigger everyday — right now she weighs around 20 lbs and is starting to fit into her 12 months clothes! Which is great because I stocked up during tax free week and have all her fall clothes ready. Her pumpkin patch outfit(s), her Halloween attire, and all of the in-between fall vests, jackets, and little dresses that I just couldn’t help myself not to buy for her. Eek!!

She is still practicing and getting her balance down before she takes that first step by herself. We walk around the house a lot holding her hands, and she will walk back and forth between the furniture and stand up in the middle of the room by herself…even doing a little dance if she hears music.

I’m excited because her hair is finally long enough to put into a fountain on top of her head and into pigtails! AND now she is starting to say a few things…we have been working on saying “hi” and she likes to say “uh oh” when she drops something, but it sounds more like “uh uh” …so cute.

Life is busy, busy, busy with a 10 month old. We’re exhausted chasing her around all day and I know once she actually can walk…it’s going to get even more tiring fun! 😉

<3 Katie Ryan