{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily’s is 9 Months!

This has been a very exciting month! Lily is constantly growing and learning new things.

Crawling is no big deal anymore, she has quickly moved on to wanting to walk. She pulls herself up onto anything she can grab onto- my leg, the tables, her crib. Slowly, she is getting more confident with letting go and standing in the middle of the room by herself. I have to appreciate her determination for trying to stand up on her own because she bumped her forehead the other day after she stood her legs up and then went to push off with her hands and her little head went straight back down; but after a few seconds of crying and kisses from Mommy, she wanted back down to try again!

STILL no teeth. At her doctors appointment yesterday the doctor said we should get a couple teeth in the next month  or so…can’t wait! She eats great and right now she loves avocado and scrambled eggs! Still hates peaches. I guess she will just never be a peach eater. Oh well!

Her favorite thing to do is try to steal Zoey’s dog toys and they immediately go into her mouth. YUCK! So, we try to hide them, but of course, Zoey finds them and then brings them to Lily as if she is going to throw them for her. I also think Zoey is offering up a trade for Lily’s toys because she likes to lay her squeaky bone in front of Lily and then slowly grab the toy that Lily has and take off with it. Stinker.

Lily is talking more and more and said “bye bye” this morning to Tim when he dropped her off before work! He said, “it could have been more of a ba-ba” noise, but she waved and said it….so I think it counts as a “bye bye!”

She loves to wave, clap her hands and has started throwing her arms up when we say “how big is Lily?!” “SO BIG!” It’s so cute. It’s cute when any kid does it, but there is just something so exciting about it when it’s your own little one.

3 more months until her 1st birthday….wow!! I need to start thinking about a theme!! Moms go all out for the 1st birthday so, I want to keep up!

<3 Katie Ryan