{Katie’s Baby Blog} Lily’s 8 Month Update!

Eight months already?! I’m pretty much starting to think about Lily’s first birthday, now that I’ve realized just how fast this first year is flying by.

Crawling is the biggest challenge this month. Not so much for Tim and I, but definitely for Lily! She wants to crawl SO bad and gets very frustrated that she just can’t reach THAT toy RIGHT THERE by herself! She is so so close. Close enough that we started putting cabinet locks on the doors in the kitchen because I know she is going to get into everything the second she figures it out. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and will reach her little arms out and then belly flops and lets out a mad little growl.

Oh yes, she growls. It’s hilarious! I’ll have to catch it on video and share it for you guys! Sometimes ill get a growl in my Instagram stories, if you follow those.

Other than crawling and growling, she also thinks it’s funny to spit her food out all over herself when shes done eating and makes a huge mess. Normal baby stuff, I know, but she likes to trick me into thinking she’s not done eating and will say “Mama!” so I give her another bite and she just spits it right back out and smiles 🙂 I’m not going to lie…It’s pretty cute.

Other than that, she is obsessed with her books and will stare at the book shelves on the wall in her room; letting me know she wants me to read one or let her look at it. She also likes to try to eat them, so I have to take the soggy board book away from her after a few minutes.

Last weekend we also hit a milestone! Tim (my husband) was on Daddy duty for 3 days while I was at the beach for my best friends bachelorette party! He did have help from my parents when he needed it, but he did a great job!! I know it was hard at times, but he definitely had fun and by the time I got home Lily was reaching for her Daddy more than Mommy <3

Next month, Lily has her 9 month doctor check up appointment. I’m guessing right now we are getting close to 18 pounds, definitely growing out of her 9 month clothes quickly! I did manage to snag a few deals on 12 month clothes during Amazon Prime days earlier this week, but they look SO big!! So, I think we are stuck in the ‘in-between sizes’ stage for now.

<3 Katie Ryan