{Katie’s Baby Blog} Life With a 7 Month Old

I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. Lily is 7 months old TODAY! 6 months was a big deal, but now we are just inching closer to 1 year…and I can’t believe it.

I went through pictures of her the day she was born and compared them month to month and it’s crazy how much bigger she gets with each month that goes by, and how her looks have changed. Some months I think she looks more like me and others I really see my husband, Tim.

Her hair is coming in thick and we can officially get a little fountain pony tail on the top of her head…which is adorable. I still like bows though, so she’s not getting out of wearing those anytime soon.

She is wearing 9 month clothes right now and starting to grow out of those! 9 month outfits are probably what I have the most of ‘size-wise’ for her. I feel like I stocked up on 9 month outfits for summer, and now that she is already wearing them, i’m trying to change her outfit twice a day just to get her to wear everything before she grows out of them. So, I’m hoping she’s still wearing 9 months for the next month….I don’t have any 12 month clothes yet for her!

Right now, her favorite thing to do is sit on her play mat in her room and play with her toys on the floor; the jumper is a close second. I really thought she would like a new little cruiser/walker that we got, but she only likes it for about 10 minutes before she wants out.

She’s starting to want to crawl, actually….walk. No joke. This girl wants to be stood up and walked around the room as much as we will do it. But, she is diving onto her belly from the sitting position and making her way onto all fours to reach toys and play.

When it comes to food, she loves apple yo baby yogurt and the food pouches that you squeeze into their mouth. She’s still all about her veggies and loves sweet potatoes and carrots the most.

I think we are going to start testing out solid foods soon. I’ve been too nervous, so I wanted to wait until she turned 7 months. AND peanut butter and eggs; The doctor told us to try both in the next couple of months…so, we will get to that when I’m ready haha.

My sweet baby is getting so big!!

<3 Katie Ryan