{Katie’s Baby Blog} Summer Fun!

Summer is here! We couldn’t wait to get in the pool with Lily and see how she liked it!

Her first pool day was fun, but I think she was a little confused as to why the water was cold! The temperature wasn’t cold to me, but compared to her warm bath…she was not very impressed at first.

We started out dipping her little toes into the water and she gave me a look like “Okay, Mom,that’s a little cold, but i’m cool with it” so, I sat her on the top step and she whined a little, then started splashing around and forgot about the water.

Once I picked her up and took her into the water she clung to me and yelled for a minute before she remembered she could still splash her hands and play in the water. After that, she forgot it wasn’t her warm bath and then decided she loved it!

Then, like a natural little swimmer, she started kicking her legs and smiling and laughing as we swam around with her.

I just bought a cute little “swimmer in training” baby pool float that I can’t wait to try! It has an octopus on the front and a sun shade that goes over the top. Adorable.

So, any free weekend, we will be at the pool this summer with our little fishy!

<3 Katie Ryan