{Katie’s Baby Blog} Celebrating Lily’s Half Birthday!

Life with a 6 month old baby is my favorite! The BEST age…by far. So far <3

We have made so many memories and learned so much about life in the past 6 months with Lily. I’ve grown more than I ever knew I could as a person and learned a little about what being a parent means.

Some of my favorite moments in the past 6 months have been watching Lily meet her milestones and grow into a little person. It’s so much fun trying new things with her, even if it’s something as small as just sitting her in a highchair for the first time or watching her pick up a toy and hold it in her little hands. Trying solid foods for the first time was a lot of fun to find out what she likes and what she doesn’t. The only thing she makes a disgusted face at right now are peas!

Another big moment was her baptism. It was a beautiful day dedicating Lily to our church and celebrating with our family and friends.

Holidays are exciting because you can dress them up for each occasion and adding a new family member to celebrate our traditions with makes those days even more special.

So what does our daily routine look like at 6 months old? I’ll tell you about a weekend, because I am home for the day with her. We wake up around 6 AM and she drinks a bottle, we stay in our jammies and play with toys. Then, she’s ready for her morning nap by 7:30 AM.

She will normally sleep for about an hour and then wakes up ready for the day! We change into a cute outfit and then the day depends on what we have to do, if nothing, then we eat, sleep and play with toys on a pretty regular schedule based on when she tells me she is tired and hungry.

She is ready for dinner around 5 PM every night and we normally get caught trying to cook our own dinner and feeding her at the same time, it just happens that way. Then we do bath time, back into jammies, she will play with toys for a little and we will read one or two books before she is ready to go to bed, around 7 PM.

She gets so snuggly when she’s ready for bed and once I put her in her sleep sac and lay her down, my girl will sleep through the night! She just started sleeping on her tummy; which totally freaked me out at first and I spent the whole first night watching her on the monitor to make sure she was breathing okay. I was a zombie the next day…but we’re good now and she totally loves it and sleeps even better on her belly.

So we keep on movin’ forward month by month. Learning and growing and having fun with each new day.

<3 Katie Ryan