Interesting People #81: Lori Swerda (Author of Star-Spangled Scandal)

Lori Swerda is a Frederick based author who discovered a little corner of American history that has taken on a life of its own. We talked about how Thomas Johnson was the catalyst for the book, the challenges of publishing in 2019, and the mystery before a murder!


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Based on the true story of an 1859 murder that occurred in front of the White House in Washington D.C.

Philip Barton Key, son of Francis Scott Key, carried on a love affair with the young, beautiful wife of Congressman Dan Sickles. The affair is revealed in an inflammatory anonymous letter to Dan, the author of which remains a mystery to this day.

Follow the trail back in time through history to when the country was young, Abraham Lincoln was still a nobody, and the Civil War had not yet begun. Through the eyes of the victim, the adulteress, and the family of Francis Scott Key, discover the events leading to the murder and the disastrous fallout after. Ask yourself the shocking question, could Abraham Lincoln be to blame for the death of Francis Scott Key’s son?