{Katie’s Baby Blog} My First Mother’s Day

This weekend I will celebrate my first Mother’s Day!

I have mixed emotions as we head into the weekend. I am super excited to get my first little Mother’s Day gift from Lily’s daycare even though she has no clue she made it 🙂

Also, I think this holiday will be even more special to me though for another reason…celebrating my own Mom; now knowing the feeling of being a mother myself.

A lot of people say, they’ve never really thanked their Mom for everything she’s done for them through their life, but it really hits you hard when you’re looking down at your own little baby and realize that your Mom once held you in her arms and worried about the little things, like you are now, and laughed and cried as she watched you grow up.

Lily and Nani

I almost want to say “I’m sorry” for all the tough times, and for leaving to go to college and for ever being mad at her for anything that I got in trouble for because now I know the type of unconditional love that she has for me. I feel that for my little Lily and it is so strong and powerful.

So this Mother’s Day I want to make it extra special for my Mom; or Nani, as we now call her for Lily. She’s not only the best Mom, but now, shes also the best Nani. Side note– It’s a great feeling seeing how much your Mom loves her grandchild and how excited your parent’s get when they get to hold and play with them.

I am also excited to celebrate all of the challenges, scary and overwhelming feelings as a new Mom. They’ve only made me stronger and more confident as a parent.

We’re all figuring it out and doing our best and that’s all anyone can ask for.

Being a Mom is also the best feeling in the world and I am ready to celebrate with a mimosa and my family all together!

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!

<3 Katie Ryan