{Katie’s Baby Blog} Our First Weekend Away

This past weekend we had a wedding in Jacksonville, FL and we had so much fun!

I was a little stressed as the weekend was approaching knowing that it was our first weekend away from our baby, the longest we’ve been away from her. Even though it was my mom watching her and I knew she was going to be totally fine! I knew I would miss her….a lot. I even questioned if we should be going or not, but tickets were purchased and the house was paid for…so we were all in.

We packed her bag and double checked she had everything, which is A LOT, and took her over to my parents house to drop her off for the weekend. I was fine. I went through all of her things with my mom, who probably thought I was crazy, and told her what to do every minute of the day. Side note- my mom does daycare and has been watching babies for almost 30 years…and she watches Lily all the time. BUT, I HAD to say it anyway haha. #NewMom.

It was right before we left that I teared up a little. I don’t even know why. I think it was a little anxiety, that I wouldn’t be close to her, or that she would miss me and wonder where we were, or maybe that she would do something cute or new and I would miss it. So I kissed her 100 times and then Tim pushed me out the door and reminded me that she would be fine.

Once we got to the airport and got busy with going through security, I was fine. I was even excited at that point that we were going somewhere warm AND that I could sleep in the next day and just relax. It has been five months since we had her and sleeping in sounded AMAZING.

Of course, I text my parents all weekend wondering what she was doing. My Mom also sent me pictures of the fun things that Lily was doing and face-timed with us, which made me feel even better.

It felt great to just chill and hangout with my husband on our weekend date once I let go and realized I knew she was in great hands and there was no use in worrying about her.

We had a blast and ate great food, stayed out late, went to our friends wedding, and caught up with good friends.

I’m so glad we went. I know I said a couple times that I wasn’t sure if I was ready to leave her for an entire weekend yet, but I think it was the right time.

She has a great weekend, too! I’m not even sure if she missed us!

I know when we got to the house to pick her up she was excited… she smiled so big and reached her arms out for us, and of course I held her the rest of the day 🙂

Now, I totally think it’s good to get away and have some “me”/ “couple” time whenever you get the chance. It give you time to re-set and get some sleep…which is needed!!

<3 Katie Ryan