{Katie’s Baby Blog} 5 Months Old!

So many things change from month to month with a growing little one. We are having so much fun with our Lily girl at 5 months old and can’t believe how fast she is learning and trying new things.

Since last month she can now roll over both ways, she is sitting up on her own, talking NON-STOP (jibber jabber, of course- although she might be saying Da-da), trying new foods, playing with toys,

sleeping in her own crib through the night and growing like a weed; I am going through clothes so fast for her! and, she loves blowing raspberries.

As much as I said each month has been my favorite with her…this month has been so exciting.

Looking back, the newborn stage is so hard and tiring and I barely remember some days…we were just going through the motions.

Five months old is great for so many reasons- it’s fun to watch Lily learn new things, but she’s still my little baby with a squishy face and chubby thighs that I can carry around.  I’m enjoying this stage for the next couple of months before she starts crawling, walking and running around, and life gets even busier.

Who knows, i’ll probably say I like that stage even more once it gets here!

Also, with the warmer weather and spring/summer holidays coming up, I can’t wait to experience all of the fun “firsts” with her like Easter, the beach, the pool, family events and everything in between.