{Katie’s Baby Blog} Daddy’s Girl

My sweet little Lily has the cutest smile and I love the way she looks at me after I’ve been at work and I finally come home to get her, but…it just doesn’t compare to the way she looks at her Daddy.

I carried that little girl for 9 months. Suffered aches and pain, sleepless nights, and then went through the delivery and recovery– but, when she sees my husband, Tim, she gets a sparkle in her eye and shakes with excitement from head to toe just to get his attention AND I definitely can’t get her to laugh as hard out-loud like he can!

I can’t blame her….I love him too, but what the heck! She doesn’t smile THAT big when she sees me!

Honestly, it makes me so happy to see her with her Daddy. Tim is such a great dad and from day 1, he has been taking care of the both of us.

After having a C-Section, it was hard to recover and take care of a little baby at the same time. Tim was doing everything for us. Cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, feeding the baby when he needed to, and going on little to no sleep, while still going to work everyday.

Now that Lily is 4 months old, he is still just as helpful with her everyday. He’s great about changing her diaper or giving her a bottle and plays with her all of the time.

I’m thinking she is so used to being smothered by me that she gets excited for daddy time 😉

It’s the sweetest thing in the world seeing Tim as a Dad. We are so lucky and It’s a whole new side of him that I get to love and enjoy as Lily grows.

<3 Katie Ryan

P.s. now I know why so many Mom’s say they don’t have as many pictures with their child as their husband’s do… it’s hard not to capture those sweet moments, while you’re watching.

Now, if I can just get him to whip out his phone and take a picture every time Lily and I have a frame-worthy moment!