{Baby Blog} Lily and Her Best Friend Zoey

I was nervous about bringing Lily home to introduce her to our dog Zoey, not because I thought Zoey would be mean to her, but because I thought she might act out.

Since day one, Zoey, our little Maltese/Silky Terrier mix, has been super sweet, protective and loves to be around Lily all the time. She follows me into her nursery every time I change her and waits patiently. She loves to lay next to her during tummy time (possibly because she hopes to swipe one of her little rattles or socks and take off with it) and she sneaks little licks and kisses whenever she can.

Pacifiers have gone missing a few times and I find them chewed up on the floor somewhere, so it’s a good thing we have them strategically placed all over the house…but that’s okay 😉

The one thing that I have noticed about Zoey since we had Lily is that she likes to be bad when she wants attention.

We totally spoiled her before the baby and pretty much treated her like she was a baby. I carried her around the house, talked to her like a little person and gave her all of our attention everyday.

So now that Lily is our priority, Zoey has become….dun dun dun…. more of a dog to us! I never thought I would feel that way! She was our baby…and now that we actually have a baby…we expect her to be a good dog. Even though, we treated her like a spoiled child for the past 3 years.

So I really shouldn’t be surprised that she will mark or leave a little surprise on the floor when we’ve been busy with Lily. But, it’s so annoying. So what did I do? Got diapers for Zoey, too. Two kids in diapers now.

But, hey…it’s working. She doesn’t mind them either! We’ve been working on giving her more attention lately so hopefully she realizes she doesn’t need to be a little stinker anymore.

She is such a good dog and I love how great she has been with Lily. Lily loves to watch her run around the room; i’m not sure what she thinks Zoey is quite yet, but she definitely thinks she’s funny.  I can tell they’re going to be best friends.

<3 Katie Ryan