I hung out with Equine Dentists while they worked

I got a chance to reconnect with past podcast guest Myles Hopton, EqDt – Pegasus Equine Services at the Maryland Horse Rescue on Saturday. He was kind enough to invite me to observe him and a handful of other amazing people do a spring cleaning on some rescue horses.

I met so many amazing people and got a chance to learn a ton about horses. I also learned about the nutritional value of hay! Big podcast plans!

It was great meeting: PenMar Equine Practice, LLC, Equine Dental Solutions w/ Katie Herman, Kelly’s Equine Dental Tools/Instruments, Doug Leavitt, and Chris Edmonds of Hippologic. (FYI These are the names I wrote down. Let me know if you were there too!)

They all let me bug them while they worked on dozens of old or blind horses. I can\’t wait to share their stories. A perfect way to start a great weekend. Just wish it had been a little warmer!

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