{Baby Blog} Lily is (ALMOST) 4 Months Old!!

So much happens so fast in the first few months with your new baby and the changes that they go through are even crazier!

My cousin just had a baby and looking at how new and little she is, I feel like I just blinked and Lily has turned into a “little baby” instead of my delicate newborn. Yes, she’s still an infant and 3-4 months old is still so young, but I can’t believe how fast you watch their looks and size change from one week to the next.

In just 3 1/2 months she has gone from newborn clothes to size 3-6, she’s gone up in diaper size, bottles are bigger– because shes drinking more, and her head has finally grown enough to fit into cute bows and hats!

All she wants to do is be sat upright on your lap so she can see everything. She also DOES NOT like it when you try to carry her like a baby laid in your arms. She wants to know where shes going! Thank goodness they make perfect little chairs that she can sit up in to look around.

Tummy time is still no fun…but we’re doing it; and being able to grab for toys and look around helps!

My absolute favorite part about her changes over the past few months are the increase in smiles, laughs and interaction with her Daddy and I (she loves his voice!). Her smile is the best!!

We love just sitting on the couch making faces and silly noises at her just to see who can get her to smile first.

Stomach bug, cold and ear infection have all hit during 3 – 4 months…so we are hoping for an easier next few weeks!!

BUT…I think we may have started teething, the drool and wanting to chew on everything has begun!