Interesting People #77: Oh Crit!

This local improv D&D comedy group is opening up the 2nd Annual Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County Comedy Night! DM Matt and Adventurer Noelle stopped by to give me all the details about death balloons, creating moments, and enjoying nerdy improv.

Comedy Night:


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Choose your hero, choose their curse, and watch out for death balloons! Improv comedy theatre with an RPG twist.

Oh Crit! started in 2017, when Callan Holderbaum and Jordan Patterson met and bonded over a conversation about Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and improv at a mutual friend’s art show. Jordan, a Dungeon Master (DM), and Callan, an improviser, came to realize the parallels between D&D and improv.

In the few months that followed, they set out to create a show that stays true to the art of improv, captures the essence of D&D, and is a whole lot of fun to watch. They knew there would be dice, PCs, NPCs, monsters, fantasy races and classes, swords, magic, and trickery; but how would it all fit together?? Countless hours were spent in verbal and physical combat trying to suss out the formula for the perfect show.
Joy and Wonder not guaranteed.

They eventually emerged from the workshop with an hour-long show that follows an adventurer in a fantasy world. The DM would preside overall with his 20-sided die and narration superpowers; the performers would improvise everything after getting a race, class, and curse from the audience; a quest would emerge; drama would unfold, and the audience would weep with joy and wonder.

They held an open audition and gathered a team of improvisers of all stripes. The team came together, practiced, sweated, and cried as one. Oh Crit! was born, and the world has never been the same.