{Katie’s Baby Blog} Mommy Initiation

Stomach bugs are no fun for anyone, but having a 10 week old baby with a stomach bug….is terrible.

Of course we can’t keep our babies from getting sick with a cold or stomach bug forever, but I at least thought I could keep her from getting one until she was a little bit older! Guess that wasn’t happening when all of the kids at daycare got the bug and took turns being home with their parents all week long. Side note– I also thought infants were immune to certain sicknesses…guess I was wrong!

Lily is the SWEETEST baby, no joke, she really isn’t a fussy baby and only cries if she’s hungry, tired or needs changed; so I knew something was off last Sunday when she was a little bit fussy and had an explosive diaper (lucky for me it was with Daddy), but I just brushed it off thinking maybe she was just having an off day. Nope. Monday came and she wasn’t eating as much and was having horrible diapers all day long. It just got worse from there.

4 days of this nasty stomach bug and then Thursday morning…we had “the incident.”

We thought she was feeling better before we went to bed, then she woke me up around 2:30 AM crying because she needed changed. So I saw she had a gross diaper and went to change her on the bed because she still sleeps next to us in the bassinet and I was too tired to take her into her room. BAD IDEA.

As soon as I lifted her legs back to put a new diaper under her, it was like I pressed the “explode now” button aimed right at my face…and that’s what she did. Yep. All over me, my arm, our bed..EVERYWHERE. So of course, I scream and Tim wakes up frantically trying to figure out what is wrong; he quickly figures that one out. Then what do you do!? Who do you clean first? You or the baby?! I had to stop it from happening again so I changed her as fast as I could and handed her to her daddy so I could go shower at 2:30 in the morning before work.

Safe to say, I will no longer change a dirty diaper in my bed…and I will always stand to the side of her.

She is FINALLY feeling better. Thank goodness. One week of that stomach bug; I’ll chalk that one up to being a right of passage for parenthood. Where is the hazmat suit when you need it?!

<3 Katie Ryan