Fitness Check In 02/08/19

Fitness Check In 02/08/19

Getting Fit? Kinda...

I literally pushed this blog post back a day so that I could fit in a last minute panic walk. I will regret this next week. Anyway…

You can join me on my journey at Onelife Fitness – North Frederick.

Week 1: 207.4 pounds with no cardio
Week 2: 210 pounds with 11.4 miles of cardio
Week 3: 208 pounds 10.36 bikes miles & 2.15 walk miles.

So I didn\’t really light the world on fire last week. I need to get rid of lazy weekends, or I will never get back into shape. That 2-mile walk was at lunchtime. It rocked.

I did manage to start fixing my diet! I am back on the slow-cooked shredded chicken as my base protein for most meals. The challenge is not to get sick of that.

The good news is that I am sticking with weight training. I am still a baby when it comes to push-ups, but I have seen some good gains this last month. No audiobook in my earbuds this week. I listened to a ton of the second season of the podcast Crimetown. It is a must listen if you love well edited, but depressing true history stories. It is a mature podcast.

What\’s for dinner? This. Only this. Forever.


St. Jude Half-Marathon is in 77 Days. My 2018 time was 02:48:49.