{Katie’s Baby Blog} 39 Weeks Update!

Here we are! 39 weeks and everything hurts. Baby is full term and I can not wait to meet her…hopefully soon! My due date is next week, but any day that she wants to make her grand entrance into the world, we are ready!

The baby’s size compared to a watermelon sounds HUGE, but when I look at myself sideways, I have to agree…yep, watermelon. I’m still working and waiting for signs that she is on her way– she is sitting verrrryyyy low and my belly has definitely dropped!

39 weeks is SUPER challenging. Sleeping is impossible at this point. Nesting is full on– my husband and I have been cleaning and organizing things around the house like crazy.

Getting up and down from the couch or a chair, requires help and nothing fits me

anymore, including my maternity clothes! Clothes for work are the hardest to pick out because all I want to wear are sweats and comfy lounge pants.

But…baby girl and I are still moving along throughout the day, stopping for frequent naps and walking as much as I can! I’m also thinking I should try to eat as much spicy food as I can and jump on all the labor inducing tricks that everyone has given me.

So, i’ll be spending this next week waiting on the baby, resting and relaxing, finishing up last minute nursery items, and spending time with my husband.

<3 Katie Ryan