Katie’s Top 10 Pregnancy Must Haves!

Heading into week 36!! This is where things really start to speed up!

Week 35 update– it’s now it’s harder than ever to get out of bed–I’m like a turtle stuck on my back 🙂  I officially have to wake up my husband in order to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or get up in the morning, so he can push me out…haha.



My Top 10 Pregnancy Must-Haves:

  1. Sea-Bands-– No, I don’t need these anymore, but they were crucial during the beginning of my pregnancy when I had terrible morning sickness for the first 14 weeks. I used these (see link) and kept them constantly with me in my purse or on. Whether or not they actually worked like an acupuncture band, they mentally helped and I got through the day a little easier.
  2. Soft dresses– Since the majority of my pregnancy has been during the warmer weather, dresses have been my best friend. Dresses like this were so comfortable!!
  3. BPA Free Large Water Bottle– I carry around a water bottle with me everywhere! I love this one because it holds so much water and I can track how much I am drinking everyday. It’s so important to stay hydrated while pregnant!
  4. Maternity Leggings– Or anything that is lounge wear and lose around your belly. I love these black leggings that go up over your belly and are soft to wear ALL THE TIME! It’s the best feeling to go home from work and change into a comfy pair of maternity leggings.
  5. Maternity Bra– Speaking of comfortable clothing…having a comfortable bra, without the harsh wiring, feels so much better!! It’s no secret that the last thing you want is a bra squeezing you around your ribs, and you’re probably going to have to go up a size…so ladies, look for a comfortable bra! I found these as a cheaper/quick option for comfort.
  6. Pregnancy Pillow– Right around 25 weeks I started looking for a pillow to help me sleep at night. I found a great U-Shaped one that worked for a while, until it started bothering my neck, I think because I wasn’t used to using the top of it as a pillow and just wanted to use my own. So, I ended up just getting a super soft body pillow that I could hug and put my leg over as I sleep and lay my head on my own pillow and that seems to be the trick!
  7. Maternity Jeans– I have touched on this a little in my past posts…I found great pants at kohls and online from macys for good prices. Now at 35 weeks, I absolutely only wear maternity jeans that have the belly band that comes all the way up to your bra line! They’re so much more supportive and comfortable!
  8. Palmers Tummy Butter!– This is the best! I did a LOT of research when looking for the best creams or oils that would prevent stretch marks, even though I think a lot of it is genetic anyway, but your belly will get itchy as it grows! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter is so nice. I put it on every day and it stays on your skin all day long! I think it really helps, and it feels great.
  9. A good Pregnancy App! —The right app can be a lot of fun. I look forward to the everyday post on pregnancy tips and tricks! You can see how your baby is developing from week to week and they offer great advice for having a healthy pregnancy. I use the Flo App and love it!
  10. Treat-Yo-Self!!-– Ladies, whatever you need to get you through the day…YOU DO YOU! Take that nap, eat a bowl of ice cream, buy new shoes, or get a pre-natal massage to help you relax (run that one by your doctor first, of course) but..the point is, do what makes you happy and comfortable during your pregnancy, because when you’re happy, so is your growing sweet little baby!!