Back Pain and What’s To Come?!

Hey Moms and Moms-to be!

Baby is officially the size of a Papaya this week…and it definitely feels that way! As she keeps growing my belly does, too. Since this is my first pregnancy, I am getting used to the pain that comes along with that, also.

Yesterday was my 34 week appointment and everything was great! Just a normal appointment this time where we listened to the baby’s heartbeat!

I have been dealing with terrible back pain on the left side and it sounds like it is sciatica… not fun. My doctor gave me great options on how to deal with it since it is a nerve problem. Have any of you had this issue? It sounds pretty common for pregnancy. But OUCH, the waddle and that together…I think i’ll just sit down for the next 5 weeks.

Whats to come in the next few weeks…

Preparing for baby girl at home at work– there is a lot to do! Finishing up the nursery at home, the final touches that we need are floating book shelves on the wall, and we’re just waiting for our nursery rocker to arrive! Ill work on pictures once I have the room organized to show you!

A PUPPY and a baby?! No not at our house, my parents are getting a sweet little newfy (Newfoundland) puppy within a week of baby girls due date. So much excitement! It’ll be so cute. But boy will our family be busy!

Speaking of dogs, we have Zoey, a Maltese and silky terrier mix, who is VERY confused by all of the baby things coming home…thinking they are gifts for her! I’ve been letting her in the baby’s nursery to sniff around and smell things so she can get used it. Although, I am worried how shes going to react with the new baby, though. She’s a sweet girl, but definitely thinks she rules the roost! and…she may be spoiled, but she’s just so cute! So it will be a huge adjustment for her, I won’t be surprised if she’s a little jealous for attention the first few weeks, but we will see!

Maternity pics! Are maternity pictures as popular as they used to be? I feel like I don’t see as many pregnant women doing them anymore. BUT! We are going to this month! So i’ve been trying to find a cute fall “pregger outfit”…ideas?! I’m thinking more casual!

Exciting news… baby girl’s cousin was born on September 27th! My new niece, Elizabeth 🙂 My Sister-in-Law and I we’re pregnant together, which was so much fun! It’s so nice having someone who is going through the same thing at the same time. Sharing maternity clothes, and being at events, like weddings or vacations together where we both couldn’t drink and both wanted to go to bed by 8 PM was wonderful.

We are so excited that our little girl get’s to have a build in best friend <3

<3 Katie Ryan