Baby Girl Update!!

The weeks are flying by as we head into week 34 with baby girl!

We are counting down the days and can’t wait for November to get here. I am loving all the sweet and sometimes very hard kicks in the belly; she is definitely a wiggly little girl. Maybe my little high kicking cheerleader, like me?? We will see 😉

My 32 week appointment at Capitol Women’s Care was fun seeing baby girl for our last sonogram before she arrives! I can’t believe she already weighs 4 lbs 9 oz and she looked so snuggly the entire appointment.

Now is the time where we start to check final things off the list…

First up this week….the hospital tour! My husband and I toured the hospital earlier this week and definitely got a lot of great information about what happens and where we need to go on the delivery date! I definitely recommend doing the hospital tour to see how everything works!

Also, easy to check off the list was choosing a pediatrician! Done! Recommendations from family and friends helped with this one.

Next to think about…what to pack in the hospital bag! There are way too many lists that people share…so please let me know what your essential items were!! It looks like chapstick, a comfy robe, soft outfits and warm socks are at the top of most lists. So we will start thinking about putting our bag together in the next two weeks!

<3 Katie Ryan and baby