Everyday Struggles of Being 8 Months Pregnant

Being pregnant and 8 months now, is amazing…I am truly blessed and can’t wait to meet this sweet little baby in just a few weeks!!

Although, there are some “interesting” things that you learn rather quickly, as soon as you enter the third trimester. It happens fast! I’m definitely getting used to the struggles of being 8 months pregnant, but boy are some things rough.

  1. Can’t see below your belly anymore– I am totally envious of anyone that has gotten laser hair removal, because shaving your legs is hard to do when your belly is blocking all possible views and doesn’t allow you to reach your calves.
  2. Pregnancy Cravings– not all bad here, unless you want something immediately and have absolutely no way of getting it to eat. That can cause serious hanger.
  3. Heartburn– for me, even water gives me heartburn along with everything else I eat!
  4. The “third trimester workout” aka…running to the bathroom. The struggle here is knowing where the nearest bathroom is even if you just went 5 minutes ago. At this point, you almost just want to stop at every bathroom you pass JUST IN CASE you need to go.
  5. photo by: Line Severinsen

    Reaching down for things- NOPE. If it’s on the floor, then it’s staying there. This also applies to tying my shoes. I plan my outfits around whether or not my husband is home to tie my shoes, if not, then I am wearing slip-ons.

  6. Third trimester sleep deprivation- IS REAL. The more pillows the better at this point. I pretty much have a fort built around me for all possible ways I might want to roll over to and that’s if i’m even sleeping at all. 
  7. I have a new appreciation for chairs, especially this week after working at the fair. The walk from the parking lot to our WFRE tent is enough to make me want to crawl back into bed for a nap! ….but a chair is just as glorious.

<3 Katie Ryan