Welcome to My Baby (Pregnancy) Blog!





Welcome to my baby blog!!!

Right now, it’s a ‘pregnancy blog’ because i’m 30 weeks and counting down the days until we meet our baby girl in November!

Some of you may have followed me on my bridal blog– can you believe how time flies?! A little over a year later, and now i’m sitting here writing a baby blog! Crazy stuff.

This pregnancy has been full of so much love and excitement! It started off a little rough with terrible morning sickness for the first 14 weeks. The only thing that I found to work to help me from feeling nauseous were Sea Band Motion sickness bracelets that I got from Amazon, drinking Ginger Ale, sleeping a lot and just not going out anywhere.

It is seriously THE WORST when you’re at a restaurant and a plate of smelly fish dinner goes by you and you feel like throwing up in your purse. So…I just stayed in and ate saltine crackers for 14 weeks 🙂  Coffee was also something that weirdly, turned my stomach immediately! Tom Whalen had to go sit his coffee out in the hallway one day because I gagged smelling it in the studio….sorry, Tom!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I got through the morning show everyday, while feeling so terrible, it was quite a challenge! I had to have my ginger ale next to me on the right, a trash can on the left, and I would have to stop and take a break every once in a while…mid-traffic report sometimes. Maybe you noticed, I hope not! 🙂

But after 14 weeks, everything became so much easier! My belly just kept growing and doctor visits were exciting at Capital Women’s Care. Especially the 20 week appointment, where we found out the gender!

My husband, Tim was thinking boy the entire time, I thought girl…but I also kind of went back and forth. We were so excited to find out that baby was a girl! Our family was patiently waiting to hear the news the next day at our 4th of July/Gender Reveal Party and they were all so happy, of course, too.

Then came my baby shower at my parents house, which was so wonderful with all of my family and close friends. Baby girl is already so spoiled. All of the cute girl clothes, toys, and gear! I will definitely do a post all about her nursery, soon!

Fast forward to today, and things are getting a little more uncomfortable, and sleeping is not easy either. Yes, I do have a pregnancy pillow, but it still doesn’t seem to help much (I’m a back sleeper, so sleeping on my side is hard). Appointments are now every 2 weeks, which is fun and exciting because that means we get to hear her little heartbeat, see her in the last couple sonograms and get ready for her birth date in November!

I can’t wait to continue this crazy journey with you through my blog and talk about some of the many fun topics that go along with pregnancy in general, my pregnancy and being a new mom!

I love all the advice and comments you guys share with me on our text line during the Morning show or during facebook live…so feel free to post in the comments on here or facebook, too!!

<3 Katie Ryan

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