Brian Mo’s 1st Cruise!

If you know me, you knew the answer to this question. “Where is Brian Mo’s favorite place to vacation”….. Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge!….. A Cabin in the Middle of the woods…. Hot Tub…. Good food…. Mini Golf…. Dollywood…. Enough things to do and the ability to do nothing at all, ya know, unplug!

After this past week, that answer has changed! I will still go back to Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge, but this cruise blew that out of the water! (pun intended)

We took the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore. Neil MacMillian was our Cruise Director and there were so many things to do!

From my favorites, karaoke, shows and trivia, to a bunch of Bingo, a night club, spa, casino and more! They even had stuff for teenagers to do, including at scavenger hunt in which they had to find someone to smash an ice cream cone in their face…. So you know I had to oblige!

The Fun Squad! Shout Outs to Bendy Blake, Red, Frantastic and Steph!…. They host all of the events on board and kept everyone very entertained!

Of course I was at most of the karaoke shows, to the point where people would stop me on the ship and say “Hey, aren’t you the karaoke guy!”

They had all kinds of contests! Like the hairy chest contests, HASBRO the Game Show, a CLUE murder mystery, Lip Sync Battle and Gender Showdown! (Guess who was the men’s team captain!)

They had a “Groovin for St Jude” party on one of the decks!…. You know I got my T-shirt to help out the kids!

The shows were great too! Playlist Productions does a great job! My 2 favs were 88 Keys, a piano based show and 80’s pop!

There were comedy shows from 4 different comedians…. John Mulrooney and Reno Collier the 1st half of the cruise and Brian Bradley and Tim Cavanaugh the 2nd half. All of the comedy shows had a Family Show and then an 18+ show later on in the night and they were all really funny!

There was a shopping area with a gift shop, jewelry store, candy store and more. Plus, an art gallery too!

THE FOOD!!!!!!

All of this and I’m just now getting to the part where we stopped an some of the most beautiful places in the world!

Grand Turk

Half Moon Cay (My new favorite place on earth)


I found a video someone posted on YouTube a few years ago of our exact room.

So if you’re thinking about going on a cruise…. Don’t think…. Just book it!