Laura’s Weekend Anthem

Laura’s top 5 breaking new music videos you NEED to be watching this weekend!


LANco have released their new video for \”Born to Love You.\” The clip features the band, as it flashes through cities and various landscapes, while playing the romantic tune.


Instead of making a sappy video for his new single, \”Love Someone,\” Brett Eldredge decided to give a ton of screen time to some of the \”people\” he loves the most — his fans and his precious pooch, Edgar. 


Brett Eldredge takes the #3 spot too because he performed Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live and played \”Love Someone\” and \”The Long One.\” Check out his amazing live performance.


New artist Abi reveals a moving and emotional video for \”A Day Without.\” 


What\’s it like to be a country star? Jon Pardi gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at his crazy life! Check it out!