Good & Weird News!


Fire stations across the country are well known for opening their doors for tours so kids can get a sense of what it’s like to be a firefighter. These tours often involve lights and sirens, because most kids enjoy the big sights and sounds.

But a fire station in Mishawaka, Indiana, changed the program just a bit when they invited some kids with autism to visit.

These kids were able to see the station — and even try on the uniforms.

But, the firefighters skipped the lights and sirens this time around because kids with autism process things differently in their brains — and can get rattled when things are too bright, loud or chaotic.

It ended up being a win-win. The children were able to enjoy much of the fun stuff that the firefighters were able to show off. And, the firefighters were exposed to these special kids and came away from the event with a greater understanding of how to serve them when stuff happens in the community. (WSBT-TV)

WEIRD NEWS: Naked Burglar Makes Himself Comfortable

A Tennessee man was arrested after he broke into a woman\’s home, drank some beers, had a snack and stripped down naked. 

54-year-old Bethel Bailey explained that he was riding his bike late at night and got a flat tire. He knocked on the front door of a house he was near to ask about getting a ride home, but no one answered the door. So he went around to the back, discovered that the back door was open and let himself in.

No one was home to ask for a ride, so he decided he would just wait for the homeowner to return. In the meantime, he figured he\’d help himself to a ham sandwich, some cookies and a few beers. He also figured he\’d wash the clothes he was wearing.

At around 6:00 in the morning, the homeowner came home and found Bailey standing in the hallway, wearing nothing but one of her blankets. She called police, who came and arrested him for aggravated burglary. (WMC-TV)