Octopus are from space!?!?! Maybe…

I was thumbing through stories during lunch and found this one I could overreact to! Sure this paper is a long form “maybe” followed by a lab-coated shrug, but it is Monday and I want to freak out. SPACE MONSTERS ARE IN OUR OCEANS:

For decades, scientists have been confused by the octopus. It has a unique structure and weird skills that the scientists can’t trace back in time. They can’t figure out which animals of the past were ancestors to the octopus — which has led to a team of researchers suggesting that the octopus might be an alien from outer space.

They think that, instead of evolving through the years like every other animal on the planet, the octopus might have shown up as frozen eggs, dropped here by an alien species.

To be clear, here … These scientists aren’t some wacky bloggers, sharing their nutty theories from their mom’s basement. They’re the real deal. And, they have found there’s enough evidence to support the idea that there are aliens living among us. Well, at least in our oceans. (Quartz)

I am also including this video about how much a jerk Octopuses are. I am mostly linking to it because the BBC seems to not really like the fisherman in this video and he doesn’t seem to care. Poor Steve.