Kudos to the Caps!

Well, it had to happen eventually right!

April 27th 1994. I was just about to finish my 10th Grade Year at Langley High School in Pittsburgh, Pa. Bill Clinton was the President, gas was $1.09 a gallon and Faith Hill’s “Piece of my Heart” was the #1 Country Song in the USA! That was the last time the Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs!

The Caps had won 1 series and lost 9 all time…. The last 1 was in 1994…. Until now!

I make it no secret that I love my hometahn dearly! I also realize I’m in “enemy territory” being a Penguins fan in Caps-land!

I had a chance this year to go to a Caps game that didn’t involved the Penguins and boy was I impressed! The fans, the atmosphere, the knowledge of the game! This is a fanbase that deserves it!

Good Luck to the Caps as they move forward in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!