{Good News} Women Battling Cancer Gets Puppy Surprise

Courtney Gessford of Sacramento, California, has been through a lot since she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. She’s been through surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.

Helping her take her mind off her troubles has been her eight-year-old dog, Clyde.

Knowing that Courtney loves dogs so much, 15 of her friends invited her to a surprise party at an animal shelter.

She was blindfolded and brought to the shelter. And when the blindfold was lifted, her friends were there, with each of them holding a puppy.

Calling it the best moment of her life, Courtney was thankful to her friends — and to the shelter — for organizing the puppy ambush. And, all the smiles and laughter she enjoyed are sure to give her strength to continue her medical battle. (ABC News)