Don’t Like Baggage Fees? Well Don’t Try What This Guy Did!


There’s a guy from London named Ryan Williams who just did what we’ve all DREAMED of doing to fight baggage fees.  But unfortunately . . . it didn’t work.

Ryan was flying from Iceland back to London last week and he didn’t want to pay the $65 fee to check a bag.  So he put on eight pairs of pants and 10 shirts and tried to get on the plane.

Unfortunately, the agents at the gate figured out what he was doing and they told him he couldn’t fly like that.  So he tried to get on a different airline . . . but they ALSO caught him and stopped him.

He wound up getting a refund for his ticket, though . . . and eventually flew home on a third airline.  There’s no word on whether they made him pay to check his stuff. (The Complete Sheet)

(Evening Standard / Washington Post