Tom’s Take {Battle of the Sexes}

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…a perfect snapshot of equality in the workplace from a major media event in the early 70s. The much hyped tennis match between self proclaimed male chauvinist pig, Bobby Riggs versus the women’s lib icon, Billie Jean King.

This was in the early 70s and in 2018 is a major trending issue. King and the other female tennis players took a stand against the powers that be, risked their careers against unequal pay. They got their own sponsorship with Virginia Slims Cigarettes slogan “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby.” This was hyped more than Floyd Meyweather and Connor McGregor, more than the 2017 Eclipse. It was help in the Houston Astrodome, one of the 8 wonders of the world at the time.

Emma Stone is absolutely brilliant and Steve Carrell is the spitting image of Bobby Riggs.

Check out the amazing picture below…

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