Music City Updates! 01/10/18

THOMAS RHETT: “Marry Me” Could Have Been His Life

You might think Thomas Rhett would find it hard to relate to his latest single, “Marry Me,” but it actually hits pretty close to home. Even though it’s hard to imagine him with anyone other than his adorable wife Lauren, Thomas says they easily could have ended up with other people.

Thomas Rhett: “Before we got married, I dated a girl for like five years that I thought I was going to marry. She dated a guy for like five years that she thought she was going to marry. And that song is basically about me being the narrator and being like, ‘What would my life have been like, if I had never gone over to her house and told her how I felt about her?’ It could have been my life very easily.”

DUSTIN LYNCH: Hometown Date Night

There aren’t many “date night” restaurants in Dustin Lynch’s tiny hometown of Tullahoma, Tennessee, but that’s OK. The “Small Town Boy” doesn’t need a fancy meal to impress a special someone.

Dustin Lynch: “For me, I would go to this little, kinda my getaway. It’s a cabin and a big spring-fed lake that’s way back off of any main road, and that would probably be my go-to if I was wanting to get romantic with somebody. And do the star thing, grill out, you know, play a little music and see where the night takes you.”