{Tom’s Take} Good and Bad Casting (from Book to Small Screen and Movies)

Fans of literary characters take this very seriously, but you can’t because we all cast different actors in our brains when we read about somebody in a book.

Jack Reacher fans were up in arms at the casting of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in the big screen film. There were boycotts of the movie and fans stopped buying the books. The author Lee Child said to give Tom Cruise a chance, he’s a good action star, and the movies worked! But, for the fans of the book…that ain’t Jack Reacher!

I’ve read all the early Bob Lee Swagger and Earl Lee Swagger books by Stephen Hunter. Mark Walburg on the big screen, Ryan Philippe on TV as Bob Lee. For fans of the books, neither one of these guys has a drop of Swagger blood.

Fans of Janet Evanovich’s, Stephanie Plum series, they cast Katherine Heigl. Great material- action, romance, food, humor and… it was the worst movie of the year. And she’s selling cat litter in a commercial on TV.

Just like movies don’t live up to the book, with a few exceptions (Godfather, Slaughterhouse Five, Harry Potter Series), don’t have any expectations or you will be disappointed.


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