Interesting People #31: Eric Verdi (Crossover)

Podcast Crossover for the ages! You will be able to see a video version of this podcast in the future with the Frederick Advice Givers Podcast!

Eric Verdi is one of the founders of The Impact Club and the host of the Frederick Advice Givers Podcast. The Impact Club is a platform for focusing people towards helping local charities. The Frederick Advice Givers podcast is a platform for local business owners and other interesting people to share their stories. I couldn’t wait to have this conversation.

Disclosure: I have personally joined The Impact Club. It has no official connection with 99.9 WFRE or the Aloha Trust LCC.

This crossover podcast covers Eric’s mission to create platforms for other people and my backstory! We trade host duties every few minutes during the podcast, and it was a ton of fun to record this way.

Enjoy the show!

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