{Tom’s Take} My Favorite Christmas Movie


A movie that takes place during Christmas, Love Actually, features different stories all happening throughout the movie.  The scene when Alan Rickman is buying a necklace for his mistress while shopping with his wife, Emma Thompson, and Mr. Bean takes his time wrapping it while Alan Rickman does a slow burn is priceless.

Then, he gives her a Joanie Mitchell CD after his wife found the necklace and thinks its hers…that’s when she knows, while playing the CD and listening to “Both Sides Now”, it’s heartbreaking. Life doesn’t always have a happy ending. She stays with him, too.

Personally, at the end, when it shows everyone meeting at the airport with the Beach Boys “God Only Knows” on the soundtrack, hits home with me, because of all the emotional greetings and goodbyes at airports.

Elf rocks, too.

Merry Christmas!


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